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A Customer Told To Wear A Mask At Hot Dog Restaurant Shatters Glass Door

A man who was asked to wear a mask at an iconic Chicago hot dog restaurant threw snow at an employee and shattered the business' glass door, police said Thursday.

The Wieners Circle in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood tweeted a surveillance video showing a man standing in the restaurant without a mask on.

It appears the man then begins a heated argument with an employee.

The man exits the store, grabs snow from outside, re-enters, and throws the snow in the direction of the off-camera employee.

Then, he does the same thing again.

In the video, the man then exits a third time, returns to throw a brick through the Wieners Circle front door, and takes off running.

Chicago police told CNN they are still looking for the suspect. No one was injured.

Do you have a story of a heated argument/incident that you still can't believe you witnessed?

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