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Fight breaks out at Golden Corral spiked by misunderstanding over steak

Philadelphians are known to be pretty gritty (pun intended) when it comes to their sports.

But how about their steaks?

At a Golden Corral in Bensalem, PA (just outside Philly), a fight broke out reportedly sparked by a misunderstanding over steak.

According to 6abc:

Alexis Rios says it started over a misunderstanding regarding a piece of steak.

Rios says the person in front of him became angry with the cook because Rios received his steak first.

"(The cook is) trying to understand what you want and give you what you want," he says.

"I had a rare steak, which is a lot faster to cook than a well-done steak. That's why I got my steak first."

And Rios thinks that part of the reason things escalated so quickly was because everyone was wearing masks and patrons were having a difficult time understanding what others were saying.

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