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Portland Pickles Mascot's "penis" shown on Twitter post

An honest mistake or an amazing marketing strategy?

The Portland Pickles, a minor league baseball team, handed over their Twitter account to their mascot Dillon...a pickle. (Get it, "Dill"on the Pickle?)

As Dillon proceeded to take over the team's social media account, one picture got posted that looks like he was exposing himself.

So, the way the pic was posted, it definitely looks like Dillon was showing off his penis for the Twitterverse.

However, he swears it was a thumbs up.

Usually on Twitter, you can post a pic, it will auto-crop it and then when you click it, you can see the entire pic. That was NOT the case here! LOL

The pic is hysterical and still up on the team's Twitter page. Thumbs up to Dillon!

More HERE and below!

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