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Dad and son pose nude together on OnlyFans — and they make a fortune

Hey look, if you wanna use OnlyFans to make some cash, go for it! I say do what you gotta do to make a living, as long as it is legal.

Well now Jake Hebrert, who was already posing on OnlyFans making about $9000 a month, has taken it to the next level by posing with his father.

Yes, HIS REAL FATHER...and now he is making almost $40,000 a month!

According to the New York Post:

Jake Herbert, 26, started his own OnlyFans account several years ago and told the BBC he was making up to $9,000 USD per month posting nude pictures of himself.

But the kinky content creator was determined to make even more money — and found an unexpected opening after sharing a photo of his handsome dad with fans.

“Obviously, I knew that to take this to the next level I had to do something that would get everyone talking,” the UK resident said. “I put a picture of my dad up, just us topless after a workout, and it just went mental.”

The bold Brit asked his father — who hasn’t been publicly named — whether he’d strip down further for a share of some OnlyFans cash.

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