Bird Poops on Tennis Star During Match

Sports critics can be brutal -- especially when they're of the feathered variety.

Tennis pro Reilly Opelka learned this first-hand this week while playing in Australia's Melbourne Summer Set -- when a bird pooped all over his head during his second set against opponent Maxime Cressy. Following the messy interruption, a clearly upset Opelka approached the chair umpire to ask if he could replace his soiled hat with a fresh one. ""Sorry, I just got s*** on," Opelka told the umpire. "I can't see. A bird s*** on me. What do you want me to do?"

After several attempts to find a hat that fit Opelka and complied with Australian Open regulations, a suitable replacement was finally located. However, Opelka went on to lose the match.

Has a bird ever done its business on you?

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