Terrifying video shows mom set hair on fire blowing out birthday candles

This why I don't light candles anymore, especially on a birthday cake. Hell, I'm even hesitant when I light the menorah on Hanukkah!

According to the NY Post:

A Utah mom’s birthday celebration turned disastrous after she accidentally set her hair alight while trying to extinguish the candles on her cake. Footage of the b-day backfire is currently igniting the internet.

“I saw my whole life flash in front of my eyes,” Ana Oosterhouse told Kennedy News. “It was a very surreal experience and happened so quickly.” The fiery fiasco was sparked last month while the mom of six was hosting a joint birthday party for her and her 7-year-old son, Hunter.

The 34-year-old woman and her son can be seen sitting before two cakes while family and friends serenade them with the birthday song. Things go south, however, when the b-day girl bends over to blow out the candles, whereupon her hair inadvertently dips into the flames and catches fire like a Molotov lock-tail. The clip ends abruptly with half of Oosterhouse’s hair going up in flame while onlookers scream in panic.

Luckily everyone is ok with just some minor injuries.

More HERE and check out the video below!

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