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Reese's Launches Online "University"

Reese's has announced that they are currently accepting new students at "Reese's University".

Don't expect to get earn a degree though in anything other than maybe a doctorate in peanut butter cup studies because the university is fictional.

In fact, the candy company reiterates that "Reese's University is not a real University". 

The purpose of the "school" is basically to connect peanut butter cup lovers from all over.

According to Reese's, "Once you're in, you'll join the most iconic fanbase around, load up on college swag from the Reese's U bookstore, and enjoy a few other surprises along the way".

To become a "Fighting Cuppy", just head over to

Are you going to check it out and enroll in Reese's University? Which Reese's product is best: peanut butter cups, Reese's Pieces, Reese's Outrageous bars?

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