Criminal Justice Professor Arrested for Shoplifting

A veteran professor of criminal justice and criminology will soon be able to provide his students with enhanced insight into the world of criminals after he was arrested in Georgia on shoplifting charges.

Dr. Bruce Carroll, a professor at Georgia Gwinnett College, was taken into custody last week after he was caught leaving a Lawrenceville Target with merchandise he hadn't paid for, police say. A review of security footage revealed Carroll had skipped over scanning several items at a self-checkout register -- not just on the day he was arrested, but also on at least eight previous occasions, according to investigators.

Among the items the professor is accused of stealing are wineglasses, socks, dog food and other goods, says Gwinnett County Police rep Hideshi Valle. The total cost of the pilfered goods: $629.02. "It was definitely a surprise that he was a college professor and he taught criminology," Valle says.

Do you think self-checkout registers are here to stay?

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