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Florida Woman's Lost Dog Turns Up On Facebook Nearly A Year Later

Talk about a reunion...

A Florida woman spotted her lost dog on an animal rescue's Facebook page nearly a year after her pup had gone missing.

Lisa Raulerson was living in West Palm Beach in October 2020 when her 15-year-old pooch, Sparky, got out through a gate mistakenly left open.

Raulerson said as weeks dragged on with no sign of Sparky - the family was heartbroken. 

Fast forward to Raulerson spotting Sparky as she was scrolling through Facebook recently.

Sunshine State Westie Rescue said Sparky had been brought to a shelter as a stray and the rescue had stepped in to prevent the dog from being euthanized.

Raulerson and Sparky were reunited after 331 days apart.

"I feel like a void in my heart was filled. I really do. I never thought I'd see him again, but here he is. I wish he could talk."

Do you ever wonder what thoughts your dog would have about your day if he/she could talk?

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