Metallica Responds to One-Star Amazon Reviews

Metallica isn’t worried about negative reviews. 

In their appearance on Kimmel last night, the band read some savage one-star reviews of the Black Album, which appeared on the album's Amazon page. 

Guitarist Kirk Hammett read, “Face it people, this album sucks. Anybody who thinks this horrible, atrocious, self-titled suck-o-rama CD is worth four or five stars must be braindead from smoking crack." 

Another review had the title "This album sucks, sad but true!”, and then went on to say, "I bought this when it came out I was horrified when I listened to it, I threw it off a bridge and watched a truck smash it.” 

Another comment said, "This is by far one of the most loathsome crimes ever committed against music” to which drummer Lars Ulrich replied, "Thank you for sharing that opinion.” 

What was the toughest criticism you ever got?

More HERE and below!

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