Bull Rider Killed in 'Freak Accident' during Fresno Competition

A Brazilian bull rider is dead following what authorities are calling a "freak accident" at an event in Fresno over the weekend.

Amadeu Campos Silva, 22, was taking part in the Velocity Tour competition on Sunday when his spur got caught in the flank strap, which wraps around the bull's lower torso, says Andrew Giangola, spokesman for the Professional Bull Riders organization. As the animal bucked, Silva was pulled underneath the bull, which then stomped on his chest, Giangola says. Silva was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Despite the incident, the bull -- named "Classic Man" -- will continue to appear in future events, according to Giangola. "It clearly was not an act of aggression,” he says. "The bull was bucking in his normal pattern."

Are animals mistreated when they're used in rodeos?

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