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Texas Man Strips to Underwear At Mask Meeting

Video of a Texas man stripping during a school board meeting is circulating. 

Witnesses say the man was trying to make a point about masks when he started taking off his clothes. 

During the Monday night meeting, James Akers told board members, “I do not like the government, or any other entity, telling me what to do. But sometimes I’ve got to push the envelope a little bit. And I’ve decided I’m not just going to talk about it, I’m going to walk the walk."

He then began removing items of clothing explaining how he resented the workplace attire.

Akers took off his jacket, his tie, his shirt and his pants, revealing his bathing suit before saying, “Rules exist for a reason.”

He also said he ran three stop signs and four red lights on the way to the meeting, insisting he has “every right to drive as fast as [he] wants to,” adding he also took a handicapped-accessible parking space. 

What do you think of Akers’ performance?

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