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Man Filmed Clinging to Utah Theme Park Ride Before Plunging to His Death

In a shocking video, a 32 year old man was clinging onto a ride at a Utah theme park before plunging to his death.

The woman who shot the video thought it was a stunt.

The man fell 60 feet to the ground.

TooFab reports:

The incident happened on Saturday evening at Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington; Lucy Grace Astilla was aboard the Sky Ride — a two-seater cable car that ferries passengers from one end of the park to the other — with her husband, and was filming the views on her cellphone... when she witnessed something that shocked her.

A lone male passenger, passing in the opposite direction, was fully outside the cable car, facing backwards, hanging by his fingertips to the safety bar.

"I thought it was a stunt, or he is a gymnast practicing for American Ninja Warrior, rehearsing," Astilla told Gephardt Daily, "but then I noticed he didn't have any equipment that would save him from a fall."

Indeed, the man didn't appear panicked at all. He wasn't calling for help, and his demeanor seemed perfectly calm.

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