Kansas City Chiefs Keep Name But Make Other Changes

Despite pressure from Native American groups, the Kansas City Chiefs on Tuesday announced they've decided to keep their name. However, theyare dumping their inappropriately-named mascot.

Team President Mark Donovan says after consulting members of the Native American community, the team will continue to be known as the Chiefs -- but its mascot, a horse named "Warpaint," will no longer be a part of it. "We have a really good American Indian working group that provides us real guidance and feedback and perspective on this issue," Donovan says. "We're going to continue to create opportunities to educate, create awareness and work exactly as we have over the past eight years now with the working group."

The decision comes just four days after Cleveland Indians management announced they're changing the team's name to the Cleveland Guardians.

Should Native Americans be offended by the name "Chiefs?" Do you think the team's name was conceived to pay tribute to America's indigenous residents?

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