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VIDEO: Trooper rams into driver doing doughnuts in ATL mall parking lot.

This can't be good.

A Georgia state trooper rammed his patrol car into another driver while doing doughnuts in a mall parking lot in Atlanta.

According to Atlanta-Journal Constitution:

A public video shows the trooper attempting to trap the car while the driver steps on the gas and tries to flee.

“Don’t move! Turn the car off!” the trooper yells at the driver with his gun drawn.

As the driver accelerated, the trooper got back inside his car and pushed the driver into a bush, the video shows. The driver then exited the car, ran across the parking lot, jumped over a barricade and fled, according to the video.

The driver, whose name was not released, was identified and warrants for his arrest have been filed, Young confirmed. He is the only person being charged in the incident, she said.

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