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Adults get into fight at Eastern Kentucky Little League game

At what point do adults have to realize that the Little League game isn't about them?

Seeing adults getting into a fight is just absurd and even more childish than the kids playing the actual game.

A fight broke out at a little league game in Eastern Kentucky and some charges could be filed.

According to LEX18:

Videos posted on Facebook show dozens of adults on the baseball field, including some that are heard cursing at each other. The game came to an abrupt end as a result.

"It's really sad these kids that played hard all season and put their hearts on that field didn't get to finish their championship game because 'adults' wanted to act like this at a T-ball game," wrote one woman on Facebook, who posted a video of what happened.

"This is so sad," wrote another Facebook user.

The City of Stanton Police Department says they're aware of the incident and working to understand what led up to it. Sergeant Ian Morton with the Stanton Police Department says they're gathering video evidence and witness statements. They will then decide if it needs to go to the county attorney.

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