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Padres Fan Knocks Out Rockies Fan With Violent Punch Caught On Video

Good Lord! This dude said to himself moments before "YOLO".

It's only May and stadiums still aren't at full capacity, but we're already getting fights at MLB games.

According to TMZ:

The violent act all went down in the 6th inning of Colorado's second game of a doubleheader against San Diego ... when for some reason, a man in a Padres jersey attacked another fan.

You can see in the footage -- captured during what appears to be the Rockies' broadcast of the game -- the guy walked up to the other man and launched a huge, right hand.

The clip shows the punch landed flush ... and the guy appeared to be out cold on his feet -- flopping over and falling to the ground.

Other fans in the area rushed to the puncher to restrain him ... and cops eventually arrived on the scene.

The craziest part is the dude's glasses flying off his face...yes, I know what that is like!

More HERE and below!

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