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Woman was charged with a felony for not returning a VHS tape after 21 years

Have you ever forgotten to return an old video rental?

Are there even video rental stores anymore? Except for that ONE Blockbuster we know about (see the Netflix documentary), I can't think of any.

A woman was charged recently with a felony after 21 years for not returning a VHS tape she had.

According to FOX TV:

McBride, who is now 52 and lives in Texas, said she recently went to the local DMV to update her driver’s license after getting married. The DMV notified her that she had an outstanding warrant in Norman, Oklahoma, where she used to live.

"It threw me off guard," McBride told FOX Television Stations on Saturday. "I had no reason to have anything like that on me."

McBride believed her ex-boyfriend, who had two younger daughters, had rented "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" from a local video rental store, but never returned the tape. The store, Movie Place, has since gone out of business.

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