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Online shopper destroys chest of drawers seconds after collection

Oh man! Talk about UNLUCKY!

Ever go to the movie theater and get a large drink, only to pay for it and then drop it all over the floor?

Something along those lines happened to a woman when she purchased some drawers from another person online, and then tripped, fell, and destroyed them.

According to the Sun:

Carrying the white chest of drawers that she'd just purchased, the woman can be heard thanking the seller as she makes her way back down the driveway.

But as she comes towards the end of the pebbled driveway, she suddenly trips up on the kerb.

Falling face first, the brand new drawers break her fall as she comes crashing on to the pavement.

And her new storage can be seen completely falling apart as she tumbles to the ground on top of them, before letting out a scream.

Coming to her aid, the homeowner shouts "are you okay?" before following her to the end of the driveway, along with her pup.

More HERE and check out the full video below!

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