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Woman loses front teeth after drinking mimosas at bottomless brunch

You gotta be careful when you drink A LOT of mimosas during brunch. I mean, what did they expect would happen when you are THAT drunk?

Mimosas? More like a BLOODY MARY!

The NY Post reports:

The unnamed gal, known as TikTok user Autumncathey6, is first shown in footage with pals giving updates on how many of the bubbly concoctions they’d downed in one sitting.

“This is me after four mimosas,” she says with a giggle and a slight slur, in footage posted on TikTok Tuesday.

“This is me after eight mimosas,” a male friend declares while another tallies “seven mimosas.”

Captioned “Bottomless mimosas are a drug,” the video then shows the boozed-up brunch lover climbing onto a friend’s shoulders outside the restaurant as a pal proclaims, “Oh s—t!”

Footage then cuts to Autumncathey6 with missing teeth and a scratched-up chin.

More HERE and check out the full video below!

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