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Pizza joint in Iowa creates buzz with Froot Loops pizza

I love my breakfast cereals and especially Froot Loops. I also love pizza, it's my favorite meal.

But to have them together? Whoa! I never ever thought of that.

Fong's Pizza in Iowa has gotten buzz for their new Froot Loops pizza which has mozzarella, Froot Loops, Greek yogurt and condensed milk.

Sound delicious, right?

WXYZ reports: This isn’t the first time the restaurant, which has four locations in Iowa, has experimented with Froot Loops on pizza. In 2015 when Fong’s opened a location in Ankeny, Iowa, the pizza was not well received.

"It’s been retired for nearly five years and we felt why not bring it back for some fun after what’s been a challenging year for many,” said Fong Pizza’s Gwen Page. “(General manager) Ron (Fongs) doctored it up even more by adding a Greek yogurt and condensed milk icing on top, reminiscent of the sweet milk you have at the end of a bowl of cereal.”

Would you try Froot Loops pizza? What is your favorite type of pizza topping?

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