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Man uses his frozen pants as a spot saver after shoveling

A huge debate every winter is if you can call "savesies" or "dibs" on a parking spot after you shoveled it out.

You know, you shoveled, you leave, someone else takes your spot. Problem is, it is a public street, so it isn't really "your" spot.

Some people use cones. Some people use lawn chair. Some people will use anything can think of as long as no one takes their parking spot.

Well, a guy in Chicago came up with an excellent idea to save his shoveled parking spot: his frozen jeans!

According to CBS Chicago:

He places those pants in the street the way a lawn chair or an old traffic cone might be placed out to declare dibs on a parking space – though Selzer tweeted that he actually just does it for the photos rather than really to protect a shoveled-out parking space.

Do you save your parking spot after shoveling? What do you use? Is it fair to do "savesies" or "dibs"?

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