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Man dressed as Chucky from Child's Play "attacks" maskless woman on subway

Only in New York, right?

Where else can you see a man seemingly minding his own business on a subway, and then attack a woman for not wearing a mask?

While the whole thing was an elaborate prank/social experiment from Brooklyn filmmaker Rodrigo Valencia, you could clearly tell that the other people on the train were not having it.

According to Daily Dot:

The video shows the person dressed as Chucky, including a large rubber face mask, grabbing onto the leg of the woman. The woman screams and smacks the person on the back.

"Get off of me, what the f**k are you?" she says as another person grabs the "Chucky" and tries to drag them away.

Miguel, a self-describedactor, comedian, and influencer who played the part of Chucky for the prank, told the Daily Dot that the person assisting the woman was part of the team. The woman who appears to be attacked in the video, Sara, was also in on it.

“Get off of me, what's wrong with you?" Sara yells while some onlookers cheer and laugh.

"Somebody help her, somebody help her," one person says.

Miguel as Chucky finally lets go, stands up, and runs past Sara. As Sara turns and walks in the direction of the camera, it's obvious that she's not wearing a mask.

Miguel told the Daily Dot that the prank was a "social experiment" and that the point was to see how people would react to a woman being attacked by "Chucky" on the subway.

"As expected, no one helped. Instead, they decided to record," Miguel said.

More HERE and see the video below!

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