Bride-to-be says Future Sister-In-Law Sabotaged her at Work

A woman has been accused of trying to get her future sister-in-law fired from her job -- because the bride-to-be said kids aren't allowed at her upcoming wedding.

The unidentified bride-to-be, who posted her story onReddit, says she and her fiance decided to impose the no children policy because the groom's niece is autistic and can't handle being around other kids. "My future sister-in-law has told us that her daughter will also be at the reception, that she can't be just put with a sitter -- even though I'm a special education teacher so I have a friend who would be willing to watch her instead of going to the reception," the woman writes.

When the couple put their collective foot down, the future sister-in-law went to the bride's workplace and attempted to convince her supervisor she's "unfit" for her job, the bride says. OneReddituser responded to the story by writing, "I'd hire a lawyer -- after publicly dragging her through as much hell and personal misery as I could possibly inflict. She'd be dead to me for all eternity."

Would you allow this woman to come to your wedding?

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