That Time Eddie Van Halen was "in" the movie Back to the Future

Did you know that Eddie Van Halen was "in" the blockbuster movie Back to the Future?

With the movie celebrating it's 35th Anniversary this year, an all-new 4K release on 10/20, and the death of Eddie on Tuesday (10/6), I thought it was time to revisit one of the most famous scenes in the Michael J. Fox time traveling spectacular.

You remember: Marty puts on that radiation suit and wakes his dad up with a Van Halen cassette tape, saying, "Silence earthling." IT'S CLASSIC!!!

Speculation about if that was Eddie's guitar riff on the cassette had been happening for years. But back in 2012, Eddie revealed to TMZ that it WAS in fact him on the track! He said it wasn't an unreleased song or anything. It was him "just playing a bunch of noise".

More HERE and check out the scene below!