Dave Grohl Accepts 10-Year-Old's Drumming Challenge, Kicks It Back to Her

It's not often that you hear about Dave Grohl in ANY kind of beef. Like at all. Dude is super nice.

Well, all things must come to an end and the Foo Fighters frontman FINALLY has met his match...and she is 10 years old.

TMZ says Dave just took up an awesome challenge from a drumming prodigy who's only 10 -- and he also put the ball back in her court ... which means there's more rockin' to come.

The Foo Fighters founder was called out by 10-year-old Nandi Bushell-- who's a bit of a percussion sensation across the pond. She did a cover of FF's "Everlong," taking care of Dave's drum section with incredible precision and flair. She then kicked it over to him.

The "battle" looks to be pretty intense and I cannot wait to see who rises to the occasion.

PS: It is SO AWESOME to see the former Nirvana drummer tearing it up on the kit (it's actually his daughter, Harper's!)

More HERE and check out Dave accepting Nandi's challenge below!

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