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Woman Urinates On Floor After Refusing To Leave Store For Not Wearing Mask

I mean, I guess when it comes to wearing a mask, people will do anything to take a stand.

We've had fights, arguments, physical altercations and more. But this is a new one. Literally a number one.

According to CBS 13 in Sacramento:

In a 911 call, you hear a dispatch operator tell an officer three people are “refusing to leave, not wearing a mask… they’ve asked several times and she refuses.”

About three minutes later the operator tells the officer, “They’re calling back and advising that that female is pulling down her pants and is now urinating inside the business.”

“Absolutely not. That’s totally inappropriate. We’re not animals,” said Michelle Davidson.

Roseville Police got to the scene and confirmed the incident to CBS13. Spokesperson Rob Baquera says officers arrested the woman after finding several stolen items from a nearby Dick’s Sporting Goods store in her vehicle.

“I’m very disappointed that we as a society choose to have this unity and let the virus divide us,” said Davidson.

Check out more HERE and the video below!

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