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Woman posts bathroom selfie then spots embarrassing reflection in mirror

Well that HAS to be embarrassing!

Shannan Butt posted a pic to Instagram from the bathroom, but then noticed something QUITE cheeky in the background. The pic was up for about 30 min before she took it down.

Daily Mirror says:

Shannan Butt posed for a snap in a cap and sunglasses and shared it on social media before realizing she had captured far more than she intended.

Checking on the post later, the 22-year-old from Gloucestershire realized the double reflection had caught her boyfriend Harry wiping his bum in the toilet.

The picture had been online for 37 minutes before she spotted and quickly deleted the post.

The unfortunate timing left her in hysterics and she shared the story with her friends, who encouraged her to re-share it on Twitter.

More HERE and check out the full pic below!

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