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This Arrest Video Shows Moment Mom is Caught Building Bomb Inside Walmart

This is some scary stuff!

Imagine being inside a store and someone was trying to make a bomb. That's what happened at a Florida Wal-Mart back in January.

Her name is Emily Stallard, and as she was allegedly trying to make the explosive, an off-duty Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officer body-cam recorded the entire incident, including her arrest.

While she denied making the bomb, she did admit to being on meth, spat at the officer, claimed she had AIDS, and threatened to pee on him.

That sounds about right.

TooFab reports that "she was accused of constructing an explosive device by filling a mason jar with kerosene and nails, and soaking a shoelace in the fuel to act as a fuse — all right in front of her young son".


More HERE and check out the video below!

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