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Company invents fart filtering underwear so you can now rip one in public

I am ALL IN for this product!

Have you ever been on a plane and the person next to you rips one? What can you do? Not a whole lot.

Have you ever needed to release some flatulence but worried what the smell is going to be?

You see, I have been in both of those situations and this product definitely would have come in handy.

According to LAD Bible:

Shreddies- the company that gave us the fart-filtering underwear of the same name - now has a new product for those who might need to pass wind on a plane without wanting to upset those around them.

The Shreddies Carbonanais a banana-shaped foam insert that has been designed to filter flatulence odours, which comes in black and nude.

They will run you about $25.

More HERE and check them out below!

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