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Jennifer Lopez & Shakira Halftime Show Receive 1,300 FCC Complaints

While the Super Bowl halftime show was almost a month ago, people are still watching it and talking about it.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira currently have over 136 million views on YouTube.

They also have over 1,300 complaints with the FCC-Federal Communications Commission.

TMZ requested the complaints made to the federal agency and here are some of the complaints.

God forbid we expected to watch football and a quick concert but instead had our eyes molested.

J.Lo's movie Hustler's was rated R so since when is rated R viewing allowed on network TV at 7/8pm?

Strip clubs have that crap with sluts performing like this.

When was the last time you logged a formal complaint about something? What was it about?

More HERE and in case you want to see it again, the Halftime Show is below!

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