Deepfake Back to the Future with Tom Holland & Robert Downey Jr is Heavy

You may have seen a Deepfake video before. It's where they take someone else's face and put it on another body via video. Kind of like photoshop but in video form.

The latest one making the rounds is for the classic 1985 movie Back to the Future. But this time, the people that made it put Spider-Man's Tom Holland and Iron Man's Robert Downey Jr in the roles of Marty McFly and Doc Brown.

This is heavy, for sure.

According to Movieweb:

The new Back to the Future deepfake video specifically alters the scene in high school whereMarty and Docdiscuss ideas on how to reunite the McFly parents. After inadvertently causing a younger version of his own mother to fall in love with him, Marty expresses worry over potentially erasing himself from history; meanwhile, Doc tries to make sense of the '80s slang term, "heavy." It's a memorable scene, and it's really weird to see it play out with two of the hottest actors from today. You can watch the video in full for yourself below.

More HERE and check out the video below!

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