Inside the Nationals postgame celebration of their first World Series title

It really is a site to be seen. The Nationals are World Series Champions. Say it again just to make sure you know you aren't dreaming.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way you know you aren't dreaming, ever wonder what it is like inside the locker room after a team wins their first championship?

The Washington Post's Sam Fortier haas the amazing story of the post game celebration by the Nationals.

One of the highlights was this:

Trea Turner almost carried his Clase Azul tequila onto the field before someone suggested it might not be the best idea. The shortstop kept his goggles and North Carolina State helmet but abandoned the white-and-blue ceramic bottle near the dugout railing. It caught the attention of Houston police officers, who were standing near home plate.
“Is that a bong?” one asked.
“I don’t know,” said another. “Should we go over?”
They debated it for a few seconds until a third voice chimed in, urging them to leave it be.
“They just won the World Series!”

How awesome is that??

More HERE and below from the Washington Post!

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