How Games, Social Media Are Good for Kids

Have you been fighting with your kids about spending too much time playing Fortnite or spending too much time on social media?

Before you have that next fight that ends in a door slamming and you looking for the screwdriver to take the door off the hinges, consider this, all that playing is preparing them for their future.

Jordan Shapiro wrote a book called, The New Childhood. The book is about the digital age and how it impacts children and families.

One point he makes is putting "play" into context. For many parents, that context is their own childhood. But in their own childhood, they were being prepared for the 20th Century.

Now, kids are being prepared for the Digital Age.

He says it's not that kids need to play, they need to play with toys and games that fit the context in which they live. Today's kids live in a connected world. So they need connected play. They need to participate in activities that prepare them to navigate a networked world with ease.

Do you think that the author has a point? As parents, have you been parenting through the eyes of your childhood as opposed to preparing them for their digital future?


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