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5 Things You Shouldn't Do If You're Hungover

Here we are, New Year's Day and you may have forgotten that you just can't drink like you used to! 

It is true, hangovers get worse with age. You lose muscle mass and lack liver enzymes.

Here are some ways to get over the hangover. HYDRATE! Drink water, soup, herbal teas. Need some electrolytes? Try coconut water but dilute with sparkling water to cut some of the sugar.

Take a nap.

That idea of a greasy breakfast is actually not a good idea. It is going to make you more sluggish.

Remember in college when someone said the best way to get over a hangover was to keep drinking? No, that is not true. You are going to keep yourself dehydrated.

While coffee may seem like a good idea to wake you up, it is going to keep you dehydrated.

As tired as you may feel, the best way to go is to eat balanced healthy meals and keep drinking your water to get over your hangover.

What are your remedies for getting over a hangover? What was a myth someone told you to get over a hangover?

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