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South Park Apologizes to Al Gore for Mocking Him

A 12-year-old episode of "South Park" has prompted the creators of the show to apologize to Al Gore.

The episode is about Gore believing in ManBearPig, a creature created on the show that is supposed to represent climate change.

The most recent episode, the four main characters of the show come to the conclusion that Al Gore was in fact correct in his belief of ManBearPig.

"You were right. You were totally right," the boy says. "ManBearPig is real and he's killing lots of people in our town."

The episode's title is "Time to Get Cereal". This refers to Gore's character on the show using the word "cereal" in the place of the word "seriously".

Gore won an Oscar for his climate change documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" and later went on to win a Nobel Peace Prize for his work with the climate.

The episode ends with Gore handing over his Nobel Peace Prize to the children saying, "It's up to you young people now. You have find a way to get people to take this cereal."

"South Park" is in its 22nd season.

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