Servers Are Tweeting the Dumbest Things Customers Have Done

If you have ever worked in the restaurant business then you can completely relate to these funny servers.

It started when one server wrote on Twitter, people that work in food are braver than the marines. Retail is hell but that's hell x100.

Servers started jumping in with their own stories. One person wrote that a customer complained that a milkshake wasn't made correctly. The server took it back and simply poured it into another cup with a new straw and the customer said it tasted much better.

Another server wrote that a customer complained that her food came out too fast and she wasn't ready yet so she sent it back and requested it 15 minutes later.

Another wrote that a customer requested that the air conditioning be turned off in the restaurant. Server walked away, did nothing to the air conditioner, and told the customer that it would take about 10 minutes for it to get warmer in the restaurant. Customer said they could feel the difference already.

Craziest thing you saw or heard working in the customer service field. Craziest thing you saw or heard as the customer?


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