Was This Reporter Trolled By Her Own Producers On Live TV?

This could almost be a scene from "Anchorman". A reporter for Boston's 25 News had to have been handed a piece of Fake News before the cameras turned on.

Kathryn Burcham was reporting live from the scene of a plane crash at Cranland Airport in Hanson, Massachusetts and said the cause for the accident was due to a "defective flux capacitator."

Eagle-eyed viewers know that fictional part as what allowed time travel in the movie "Back To The Future".

There was no reference to the plane actually being a Delorean on their website version of the story, but a few took to the station's Facebook page to ask if Burcham was trolled by her own producers.

Do you think she just mistakenly said the wrong part name? Could one of her producers be getting back at her for something? Have you ever flubbed something publicly? What happened?


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