Man Dies After Slipping In Bathroom And Falling Onto A Toilet Brush

We hear all the time that bathrooms are one of the more dangerous rooms in the home and this story just confirms it. You may want to leave the cleaning supplies under the sink or in a closet from now on.

A 60-year old man in Russia died after slipping in his bathroom and impaling himself through the right eye with the stick end of a toilet brush.

The unnamed man was rushed to the hospital where doctors opened his skull to remove the handle, since the brush became cut off above the eye and wasn't possible to pull out.

After surgery, the man remained in a coma but never regained consciousness and died a few days later. 

Where do you keep bathroom items like plungers and toilet brushes? Will you find them a new home now? How about in the shower? Do you use an anti-slip mat? Do you have other safety devices installed?


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