Woman finds a WORM in her codfish at New Jersey restaurant

Usually when you eat fish, you're worried about finding bones. Worms don't usually run across your mind.

A woman found a worm in her cod dish at a restaurant in New Jersey. Jennifer Morzano was having dinner with her boyfriend at his aunt's birthday dinner. While eating the Merluzzo dish of cod and risotto, the worm wiggled inside of the fish. 

The Stella Marina restaurant in Asbury Park cut the bill by a third and apologized for the worm. Morzano's boyfriend, who happens to be an attorney, took a video of the incident and posted it to Facebook. 

The restaurant posted their own Facebook response and expressed their disappointment in the attorney for posting the video after apologizing and discounting the meal. 

What's the worst thing you've had served to you in a restaurant? 

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