The Simpsons Have No Plans to Retire or Recast Apu

Despite backlash, The Simpsons creator Matt Groenig has no plans to retire the Apu character nor change the voice actor.

People have been critical of the stereotypical nature of Apu and the fact that Hank Azaria provides the voice for the Indian/South Asian character. Azaria has said he'd be willing to step aside for another actor to take over.

During a press tour for another show, Groenig was asked about the Apu controversy. Groenig quickly changed the subject by saying he and the current Simpsons producers "haven't talked about it" and he was "proud of everything" on The Simpsons.

Apu had already taken a smaller role in the show and was the topic of an episode that tried to address the issue titled No Good Read Goes Unpunished. The episode was panned by many. 

Do you think the Simpsons should take this loss and retire Apu or is the controversy over the top in your opinion? 


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