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Virginia Mom Shoots New Zealand Man Who Met Teen Daughter Online, Showed Up

This is why you MUST be careful whenever playing games online or meeting people from the Internet.

You never REALLY know who you are talking to and anything can happen at a moment's notice.

According to WRIC:

On June 22, a mother was at home with her two teenage daughters when a 25-year-old man, identified as Troy George Skinner, a New Zealand citizen, attempted to break in.  

Skinner flew from New Zealand to Los Angeles, arriving June 20, before traveling to Goochland County. 

He decided to make the journey after having online communication through Discord, an online app intended to connect people to discuss gaming, with a 14-year-old girl at the Goochland home. 

Skinner was shot by the girl's mother after being repeatedly told that she had a gun and to leave the property. He was shot in the neck after declining to leave and breaking a window with a landscape stone.

HOLY CRAP!!!  Good on the mother for shooting this dude! 

Have you ever heard of ANYTHING like this before?  What would you have done? 

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