Here's Why Your Breath Might Smell Like Pee

Have you ever thought, "Why does my breath smell like pee?" Well, there's a scientific reason for it.

Personal hygiene says a lot about a person, but no matter how conscious you are of the scents that are protruding from your body, sometimes you just can't get rid of the bad breath, so what's the deal?

Diet is a major factor. Some foods react in the body to produce ammonia, the chemical that makes pee smell. This is especially a big problem for those on the Keto diet because of the high protein. 

But bad breath isn't always because of what you ate. It can also be a sign of infection. Whether it's a stomach infection, sinus infection, or UTI, all of these issues can lead to bacteria giving you bad breath.

Is bad breath an automatic turn-off for you? Do you know someone with chronic bad breath?


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