Valet Parks Porsche Under SUV

"Relax, I'm a professional." Those were the immortal words from the garage attendant in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, right before he took off on a joy ride around Chicago. But at least he retuned the car unscathed. 

Apparently a valet wasn't aware of just how powerful a Porsche is when he tried to park it outside a hotel in Sydney, Australia.

As the valet started moving the car, he bumped a Subaru crossover in front of him. Then in a fit of panic, according to an onlooker, he accelerated, wedging the sports car under the SUV and ramming another car into the bollards. 

The valet needed to be cut out of the wrecked car but was uninjured.

Are you afraid to hand your keys over to the valet? Have you ever screwed up big time at work?


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