Teacher Uses Imagine Dragons to Teach Students about Capacity

How cool is this??

A teacher in Texas was teaching her students about capacity and decided to write lyrics to the tune of Imagine Dragons' "Thunder".

I mean, when I was a kid, I was taught to put school work to the tune of popular music so I wouldn't forget.  Now it seems like I got a brand new lesson on capacity.

These kids are on point and look like they are having a blast singing along to one of the most popular songs.  Gotta give credit to the kids though, Jamie Lynn (the teacher) said on her Facebook page:

"When your students beg you to write a song to the beat of Thunder by Imagine Dragons, you write them a song! There’s flossing, a ripple dab AND a saxophone solo 😂 I love these kids"

Shout out to this teacher (and kids) for being super creative!

Check out the video below!


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