Florida Woman Had Roach In Her Ear For 9 Days

We all have nightmares about things crawling in our ears while we are sleeping but this woman just lived through it.

Katie Holley was sleeping on April 14th when she woke up with a tingling in her ear. She said it felt like an ice chip in her ear. 

Upon further inspection with a Q-tip she found little legs in her ear and knew right away what it was, a palmetto bug, a type of roach commonly found in her area. 

She headed to the E.R. where doctors removed the bug…at least that's what she thought. 9 days later she still heard crunching in her ear, turns out there was still some bug left. It was eventually all removed and she now sleeps with cotton in her ears. 

What is the scariest/strangest medical emergency you've ever had? Doctors and Nurses call in with your stories!


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