Apple Watch Credited With Saving Man's Life

I have had an Apple Watch for 2 years and I have never needed it for a situation like this, but sure glad it could help save my life!

An Apple Watch that detected a man's elevated heart rate helped keep the guy alive. The Westchester, New York man was taken to the hospital last month after his Apple Watch warned him of a fast heartbeat.

32-year-old William Monzidelis was working at his family's bowling alley when he became dizzy and experienced unexpected bleeding. The watch told him to seek medical attention.

His mother drove him to the hospital. During that time, William was hemorrhaging and having seizures.

Once he arrived at the hospital, doctors found a ruptured ulcer. If the Apple Watch hadn't warned him, he may have waited too long to seek help. Monzidelis says the watch was "a little angel watching me."

Do you have a smart watch? Has it notified you that something might be going wrong? 

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