Here's How You Should be Making Guacamole

If you like Guacamole, listen carefully. There are so many different ways to serve your favorite guac and apparently, there are just as many ways to make it. 

First, I make guac weekly.  I have Taco Tuesday in my house and guacamole is a must have. Although, I just put 2 avocados and some salsa in my Ninja and blend it up.

However, some professional chefs have chimed in to give their tips and tricks to the perfect batch of guacamole:

Alton Brown says to mash all of the ingredients together and then let it all marinate for 2 hours. Ree Drummond says for the best guacamole you should add some pico de gallo. Tyler Florence says the secret to guacamole is adding some serrano chile peppers. Gordon Ramsey wants you to add some olive oil to make it creamier. And even Chrissy Teigen has her own trick and says for some really delicious guac you should mix in some cheddar cheese!

What is in your perfect guacamole?

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