You Have to Read Why This Man Is Suing His Former Boss

How many times have you had it happen. You "butt-dial" a friend or a colleague. It has happened to almost all of us. But one man in Georgia is suing his former boss after being fired for a "butt-dial."

James Stephens and his wife were at home one night complaining about his boss who overheard because James had pocket dialed him. 

After James' boss, Michael Coan, called him at home late one night his wife Gina had something to say about the "intrusion."  

The accidental call to his boss lasted 12 minutes and Stephens hung up as soon as he realized what had happened. The next day he was forced to resign from his six-figure job with the state of Georgia.

Should a "butt-dial" cost anybody their job? Was the boss intruding by listening in rather than just hanging up? What is the most embarrassing thing you've been heard saying during a "butt-dial"?


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