At risk for heart disease? Check these three things!

If you want to see if you might be at risk for heart disease, it may be as simple as looking at your fingers, eyes and earlobes.

A CNN report says there are visible signs that something is wrong with your heart. If you notice these signs ahead of time, you could so something before a cardiac event happens.

Look for creased earlobes, fatty, yellow bumps that can appear on your eyelids, elbows, buttocks or knees, clubbed fingernails (a condition where nails change shape becoming thicker and wider), a halo or grey ring around the iris of your eye, rotten gums, loose teeth or blue lips. 

Some or all of these conditions might be a sign you need to see your doctor and get checked out.

Did you check for any of these right now? Have you experienced any of the above? 


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